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a fine day for airstrikes

and now I loll my head here, content.

je n'ai pas pastry

i'm a little teapot★
A bit of a fail and a catastrophe, half-English, half-French, so clumsy. Physically and mentally. Bright colours, fashion and cosplay. Classics -> Homer, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Virgil. A sixth former who abuses whiteboards for pretty things and swears a lot. In French, too. Likes music (music is strong sustenance, it's like food, for the ears SOUL) ...(if only she had any kind of musical ability. she'd save a lot of money on lunch). Draws a lot of inappropriate, anatomically incorrect things and even paints them too, sometimes. Wants to create something that explains itself. Acts about as straight and predictable as her hair. (it's pretty curly.) Adores foreigners. Because linguistic ability is hot. But is tediously shy.

Also hello. I'm a compulsive impulsive cosplayer.

Eats anger for breakfast. Says a lot but not what she means. (it's probably all manga/film quotes anyway...) LOVES LONDON. PARIS IS A CLOSE SECOND. but nothing beats the Tube system! really థധథ

code by layering

Stylesheet by kuribati/beatcrusher