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28 December 2028 @ 12:00 am

♥ Comment and I'll add you.

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je n'ai pas pastry
12 June 2010 @ 10:35 pm




Kanoke-jima, run by Kani- as such you can follow her Twitter or her drawing site --> most of the pictures here, they seem to have broken it down into a pictures-only page since I last went there so ... idk. Their regular fanarts are a little crazy but their doujinshi is beautiful, with such gems as Himitsu no Pensées and Le Creuset de je brule.

Almagest lurk around on their site, Long Way- they do some hilarious yet adorable doujinshi that occasionally gets scanned. I personally prefer their doujins, their sketchy style really works in black and white...

Marchen Melancholic Their watercolour work is pretty cute and a little cartoony... ♥ They're also involved in the 100 Years' War of Love which is really cute! (thankyou kitamurin!)

Lovepotionno.9 used to do some pretty sweet Gintama doujins before they moved onto Hetalia. They specialise in FrUK, although their doujinshi include more characters. Their image gallery is here- when you click on HETARIA you will be prompted for username and password. Username: eurostar, password: love

Ghost, here, is one of my favourites for its moe stylised tegaki-esque art. I don't think they do doujinshi but they update frequently with comics, playlists (FE*song) etc nicely categorised at the side.

Soltse have some adorable comics ♥ using docile colours that are easy on the eyes. Cutely drawn.

READY*FIVE, you've likely seen their art or doujinshi floating around somewhere. Kind of manry-styled artwork.

Namari. Cute, sketchy art-- though the formatting of the text on this site is weird on my computer.. the img link is the first one on the left;;;

340km- I should really hope that the art speaks for itself. ♥

Betasu down this way- REALLY PRETTY. REALLY PRETTY. Also frequently updated for April Fool's, Entente Cordiale and everything in between; includes some America and lots of comics! thankyou futuresimple!)

Dolce does art for practically every character, but lots of FrUK too. (thankyou kitamurin!)

daisy's art is mature and- if you know Promenade-- kinda like Promenade? 8D; lots of R18 stuff here so watch out. (thankyou kitamurin!)

Zombie(?) will probably defy all your expectations, art-wise. If you had any. Also multifandom (Evangelion, Gintama)! (thankyou futuresimple!)

Cattleya* also has Germany/Prussia, but it has a lot of France/UK. id to enter: 180 (germany's height), pass: 0211 (japan's birthday). The password to the blog is the 'human age' of France and England, so it's 2623. (thankyou gilberries!)

Etoile full of very cute sketchy (mainly b/w) art and lots of comics ♥ (thankyou emi_lem!)

ATTENTION, FULL of adorable comics. And doujinshi, too! (thankyou emi_lem!)

DARAYA includes lots of historical costume pictures and bright colours! To enter, the ID is mayuge and the password is 26. For pictures, go to MAIN and search for the link in the last sentence of text. (thankyou mad_bomber75!)

Pixiv tags for use on pixiv.net

FrUK "仏英" -- http://www.pixiv.net /tags.php?tag=仏英
Nice Dover "ナイスドーヴァー" -- http://www.pixiv.net /tags.php?tag=ナイスドーヴァー
Francis/Arthur "フラアサ" -- http://www.pixiv.net /tags.php?tag=フラアサ
(thankyou rainy_fantasy!)

HUGE MASTERLIST of Hetalia pixiv tags of pretty much every character, + explanations. Very very useful.

FrUK fansites sorted by category- vertically, the categories are grouped by Content, Site Rating, Genre, and I can't make out the final two. sorry. orz (thankyou kitamurin!)

This is a FREE-FOR-ALL pimp post so if you know of any FrUK fansites/web tags/pixiv tags not mentioned here that you'd like to add, comment with its name and a link (and username/password for the image gallery if required). Big thanks to what_the_fruk which regularly feeds me doujin downloads *3*~ PIMP AWAY!

GLOSSARY for peeps what can't read Japanese
General rule for doujin/fanart sites seems to be:
TOP/MAIN - home
ABOUT - about the artist
MEMO - their day-to-day text blog
LOG - usually logs the drawings from blogs, sometimes inc. fanart
PICT/IMG - drawings
OFFLINE - their 'offline' printed work, aka doujinshi
CLAP/re: - guestbook
LINK - affilated fansites

usually indicates 'France'.is 'Britain', aka Hetalia England.
うさリス is bunny!England. Inclusion ofmeans 'child'- as in 英子 'kid England', 仏子 'kid France' etc.

Sometimes the link to the next page, a R-18 work or to enter a gallery will be hidden in the text and the formatting isn't very clear. In this case just scroll around for a link or look for
こちら ('here') ...also, I recommend going to the LINKS pages on each site to see affilates!
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AND NOW. A2 EXHIBITION TIMES. You were waiting for this, weren't you. A virtual trip through our progress since yesterday!!

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To be posted to hetalia.

Since the London Hetalia cosplay community always seems to be growing and I don't often hear of meets...


Location: St. James' Park, London, UK. This can easily be reached by taking the District/Circle line Westbound, or walking through the park from the Trafalgar Square entrance through the arches! There are no engineering works on the Tube that week. ♥
Date: Tuesday 6th of April since the train strikes got cancelled. :p
Time: 11:30am at the station, or meet us later in the park.

Just a casual meetup before May MCM Expo and after February JAF; it'd be nice to meet other fans who're maybe preparing a Hetalia cosplay for the next event, or just casual fans who like geeking out over maps. Very casual, and late Easter celebration!

Similar to the Tomato Picnic last October, I'll be waiting at the St. James' Park tube station for a while. This time I'll be in Ukraine cosplay with a basket of eggs. So if you see such a person waiting by the ticket barriers, that'd be me! o7

Last time was a picnic and it worked out well, so let's do it again this time. If possible, please bring along something small that can be shared with others; packet of biscuits, drinks etc., and maybe a picnic mat. And an umbrella because it's England and it'll likely rain. >_> I was also hoping we'd be able to do an Easter egg hunt if there's enough time/participation! :D

Hopefully we'll set up camp in the same spot as last time (on the green near the blue bridge). You'll have to walk through the whole park from the other end if you get there via Trafalgar Square, but if you're joining us later and travelling by Tube, exit St. James' Park station, cross the small road called Petty France, keep going, cross the main road and you should see us from the park gates.

Any questions to this post please, and hope to see you there! ♥
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Would've updated last night, but the internet connection kept breaking. like. three times in a row. Terrible, really! :| Kept halting the photo-uploading process, too, but Photobucket is strangely reliable at times like these, haha. Also, layout change! /o/

I'M NOT SURE ONE DAY TRIP IS ENOUGH TO FORM AN OPINION OF A COUNTRY, BUT- I have it. Belgium is okay. But not okay enough so that I didn't get homesick of London after a couple of hours '___'; Or maybe I'm just a girl, but eh! Have a narration! IMAGE-HEAVY NARRATION.

11th March '10, day trip to Bruxelles, Belgium

this is a zebra waiter in a café. yes.

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08 March 2010 @ 11:31 am

I'M STILL ALIVE. Have a rap ver. Pub&GO! based off the YouTube piano version;

difference in quality much--

ahh, everything that's happened these past ten days or so can only be expressed with the use of pictures. The tricky part is finding pictures without me in them. :| however I am not always the one holding the camera, and am almost always pulling a stupid face. UPDATES SOON with any luck.
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10 January 2010 @ 05:16 pm

based off a Christmas card I drew for 'merica (uber_ratafia).

The Awesome Snowman Prussia-America collaboration that includes -- well, I'll leave all the references for you guys to look for. But it's missing hamburgers, sadly.

... D-DAMMIT WHY DOES IT LOOK SO COOOOOOOOL IN REAL LIFE???♥ nicer than Gair the snowkid did, anyway...
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11 November 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Armistice Day today! I would have concentrated a lot better in assembly had not Ivanski's every breath tickled me in the back of the neck and 'Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace' had me thinking of St. Francis, and, consequently, of France. Hooooo boy.

It was nice, though, and rather thought-provoking. Eeeexcept I'm not so good at thinking so... I need a better way of fixing my poppy on my coat. A SINGLE PIN IS NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE, BRING OUT THE SAFETY PINS. FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE NATION.

Tomorrow I've got an Open Day. It shall be at Central St. Martin's at University of the Arts London and 'ckin'ellllllll I am so unprepared! :D

For school today, I finally brought in all those materials I picked up from UCA Epsom. A prospectus, a couple of information booklets on degree courses, and some printed material/books containing degree work by Graphic Design students. All cracking stuff, mind you, but I felt the school could use it better. Heh. I already drew my worth of lolz from that stash.

'Tiz a truth universally acknowledged that a bruv in possession of fresh skets must be in want of a wifey.

-Incidentally, today was also the day planned where some of last year's students (who had gone on to do the foundation year at UAL) came back for an hour to talk to us about their experiences of the course thus far. And I was shocked, really, at how little the others in my class knew about the foundation art process. Like portfolios, applications, even structure of the course and tryouts and end projects and...

...so, what, they have all the talent, but I have all the research skills? Check me. :I

One important thing (well, important to me...) they mentioned was living at home vs living in London. All of them continued to live at home, in this borough outside of London, and commuted into the city for every of those three days (and more!) that they would spend on campus every week. Now, I don't really want to be living at home still next year, but... but...

Well, they said it was nice to go home and have "food, a washing machine, a printer"... yes, apparently everyone in halls kills each other like Battle Royale if somebody brings in a printer. Heheh. Hmmm.

Not to mention the living-at-home option would save ridiculous amounts of money that I suppose could otherwise be saved/spent for post-fdA plans- NOT THAT I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE OR ANYTHING.

It sounds very nice though- maaaaaybe not really looking at Camberwell anymore (seemed a bit too laissez-faire. "SIT DOWN AND DO THAT. GO." rather than learning how to draw, which they do at LCF apparently /considers!) but Central St. Martin's is definitely a choice!....If only I could actually get in, heh. It's time to make that portfolio.

...And abuse Photobox.com with my orders. God damn their prints are lovely.

This reminds me that 1: I have a bunch of sketches and doodles I need to upload somewhere and 2: that I have a scratch on my back that looks like a papercut and I want to sculpt something inspired by it. I am reminded of that sliced canvas at the Tate Modern but that's rather special, isn't it.

Oh, lookie, lookie here!~

So, this malarkey about Gordon Brown's handwriting! The article sums it up pretty well, and- then I went to read the article on The Sun website and.

You know, that was a pretty good impression on someone who's never read the Sun before. :| It's a bit of a sham, isn't it.

Personally (from my rather shallow point of view); if his way of showing sympathy and gratitude for the soldiers of our country is by writing a simple letter, then that's fine, right? It reminds me of those little old ladies who get(got?) a letter from the Queen Mother(OH MAN I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER ANYMORE) when they hit 100. And older. Then you get the grannies massing up collections of these letters, all exactly the same, because they live for so long. And it loses its touch.

If that woman threw the letter away based completely and entirely of its presentation, that's... kind of rude. Especially when it's from the Prime Minister. C'monnnn. 8C

I... I don't know. I can actually read that letter quite well. @____@ The blending-in of Es and Ss and things? I do that too when I'm under stress... or, just... generally, I suppose, unless I concentrate... /stares at RS exams

I had this image in my head for the latter part of Classics today.

Also, it seems Mr. Deane knows an awful lot about paedophilia. His speech on MJ was fascinating-- and I guess I can appreciate Olivia just that little bit more now, knowing that her uninformed and ever so irrelevant and baseless arguments in class can potentially provide me with some stunning insight into random topics. Srs!

-He was funny about my having Dib Dabs in my possession. Okay, so Wednesdays are not the best timetable days (Classics is last and I NEED MY ENERGY DURING THE DEANE'S LESSONS OR I DIIEEEE and get grouchy) so I bought something of sugary content-- and what better than my namesake? 8D ...is what I thought initially but I don't really rate them anymore. This is sad. He saw me eating the lollipop (missed the spectacular sherbet powder fail, thankfully), grinned and said "Is that because of your name and somebody gave it to you?", whereupon I replied that I'd bought it myself and he laughed and called me a narcissist.

Hehe, I am vaguely looking forward to playing him in the revue. <3 As long as he doesn't find out. O_______O

editedit NOT GOING INTO SCHOOL BECAUSE... if club can't be run by Sofia, whose doctor's appointment suddenly changed, then it'll be awkward doing what we planned. I fail, huh. :I;;; ...And I may possibly do some heavy drawing to get my OTPspriorities straight, eh.

This song has also reminded me of why I don't particularly like Muse. But hey, it's catchy and relevant to certain characters lololol BUT IT'S BETTER THAN GETTING ONE VISION IN YOUR HEAD... RITE??

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03 November 2009 @ 09:25 pm
Expo slew me. Yes it did. To the point where I didn't really walk for three days and as a result, my foot got better! Huzzah!

...I don't have photos to show. Outside photobucket and facebook. Will probably link those another time.

For now, though, this can be a photo montage of mostly things captured on my phone. It's decent- this phone's camera is better than the Motorola's, but still ultimately a bit shit. :D ahwell-

I love our school sometimes.

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19 October 2009 @ 07:21 pm
This is the TEST shipment you asked for

  • 20:54 ... 7 bookmarks, a metro ticket, receipt from the Musée d'Orsay, Computer Arts mag, Murder Mystery invite, a scrap of sandpaper...
  • 20:50 FORTUNE-TELLER FISH, a laminated name-tag, packet of photographs of @spyramy and @brofist, Petit Prince worksheets...!
  • 20:04 ... how many essays did I write last year? @_@ Sapphire's essay, I don't want you. /recycles
  • 20:01 Haul continued; GCSE results AND AS results, club lunch cards, a 'Deutsch' sticker (@strangledduck can has), originals of comic pages-
  • 19:41 ...postcards from Japan, Year 6 DT books, work experience notepaper, cosplay ref sheets, La Resistance notes, back issues of Okapi...
  • 19:39 Haul so far; chibis from ex, APH fanfiction, Hello Kitty pen, 'Abstract America' Saatchi guide, last year's Jeanne d'Arc notes, bookmarks...
  • 19:33 ... JUST REALISED THE IRONY OF WHAT I'M DOING (going through old things dressed as America) HHAAAAaaaaa :I /goes to get tea
  • 19:31 Wtf so many old drawings... some that I drew together with my brother... last year... and my webcomic... this stuff is awesome *_*
  • 19:24 Desk cleaning turned into spontaneous America cosplay. NOT AGAIN D:
  • 19:18 Heh... Loving @historytweeter's new picture |D
  • 19:02 OMD, just uncovered the ~greatest~ haul of old drawings ever in last year's school notes! o: Let's hunt for more-- uhImean, clean my desk
  • 18:24 Europe, you're tiny-- LARGE TRACTS OF LAND
  • 18:21 Just.. stopped doing homework.. Drawing faces on the world map in my planner ;;
Thus ends the slacking off.

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